Reimagining Marae: a contemporary and conceptual view

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Have you ever wondered what a Marae in Australia could look like? Here is an animation piece by a Masters of Architecture student from RMIT University Jun Kit Chang and his version of a conceptual and contemporary Marae in Melbourne merging elements of Maori, New Zealand and Australian heritage.

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  • Jeanette Tuhi

    I love how open it is. ideal for the hot sumers. The architecture and design elements are amazing, it defiantly has that marae feel of communal interaction. I can visualise women weaving kids laughing. and men having whaikorero Very modern and innovative nice work Jun kit Chang

  • Jedda Halpern

    Stunning architect with Open Space to learn in. It would be nice to see if Tukutuku panels have a place inside and some flax bush around the grounds. Acknowledgements to all who work on or around this Marae Project …ka pai

  • John Takirua

    Wow simple, contemporary and would be amazed if this is how it was shaped. I agreed it should include acknowledgments to tangata whenua here as well.

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