Re-imagining the space of Marae in Melbourne

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MaraeMelbourne is proud to have worked in partnership with RMIT University’s Master of Architecture students to develop conceptual designs of a Marae in Melbourne.

MaraeMelbourne in conjunction with RMIT launched a joint project in 2015 with students undertaking a unit in their Masters of Architecture program to develop a suite of conceptual designs of what the space of a Marae could look like in Melbourne.  A brief was provide to the students with a simplistic message of developing a ‘re-imagined space’ and one that reflected the nostalgia for the traditional forms of Marae in New Zealand working in synergy with a contemporary form reflective of Australian heritage.

Below is a snap shot of some of the designs that were presented at the unveiling event at the conclusion of the project.

Credit: Images courtesy of students with the consent of RMIT University.
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