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Consent on Country

Below is a historical timeline of engagement with the First Nations People in Victoria regarding the Project Consent.

Official consent was sought by the South Pacific Foundation from the Aboriginal elders to pursue the building of a “gathering place” on the traditional whenua (lands) of their people. This consent has been given and this gift has results in the journey that has produced the report: Pasifika Victoria – The Way Forward. (except from report Pasifika Victoria – The Way Forward, November 2007 page 8)

‘Thank you for inviting us here today to share this day with your people. We are happy for your people to build your gathering place here and we give our blessing to you to do this’ (Ronald Terrick: Senior Cultural Heritage Officer: Wurundjeri Tribe Land Compensation and Cultural Heritage Council 24 April 2010 at the Launch of MaraeMelbourne).


Consent from Iwi (Tribe) Leaders in New Zealand

A unanimous resolution was passed at the meeting of the Iwi Chairs Forum on 29th August 2014 in Christchurch New Zealand, noting the following:

  • Support the development of the Marae in Melbourne in liaison with MaraeMelbourne
  • Note the model presented for consideration to progress Marae development in Melbourne.
  • Note the potential benefits to Iwi Authority of Marae development in Melbourne.

A further unanimous resolution was passed at the meeting of the Iwi Chairs Forum on 7th August 2015 in Hamilton New Zealand, nothing the following:

  • That the Iwi Chairs Forum establish an Iwi Working Leadership Group (IWLG) to progress the recommendations endorsed in 2014
  • That the proposed Iwi Working Leadership Group (IWLG) be located within the Kaupapa of Taura Here Ki Ahitereiria / Australia
  • That MaraeMelbourne be appointed to the (IWLG) as the Taura Here representatives for Iwi in Australia
  • That the Terms of reference for the proposed IWLG:
    • include supporting pathways to funding and governance options for the development of Marae in Melbourne
    • include supporting the development of a sustainable platform for Taura Here in Australia to connect to Iwi in New Zealand
    • be informed by the strategic direction of the Iwi Chairs Forums