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The Board of MaraeMelbourne is an elective, representative and collective body.

It is elective, in that the determination of Board members is the prerogative of members through the election process.

It is representative in that no member can be mandated by their constituency to adopt a particular position if they do not believe it to be in the best interests of the organisation. Whatever the constituency of any member, all members are committed to acting selflessly and making decisions and voting on governance decisions solely in the best interests of the organisation and its stakeholders/community.

It is collective, in that while each member should put the point of view of their portfolio (waka ama) and each member has the right to argue for their own point of view and to vote for that position, once a collective decision has been taken Board members are required to support that decision.

The function of the Board of the organisation is to collectively ensure the delivery of its objectives, to set its strategic direction and to uphold the values/tikanga and kaupapa of the organisation and of MaraeMelbourne.  The Board should collectively be responsible and accountable for ensuring and monitoring that the organisation is performing well, is solvent and is complying with all its legal, financial and ethical obligations.

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