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  • To document the cultural, social and economic viability of establishing a Marae in Melbourne
  • To present sustainability options for the ongoing operation of the Marae

Implementation Plan

  • A two stage implementation plan.
  • The plan is based on the proposition that the funding source for the development will be the Iwi Leadership Group or Iwi member/s in the Iwi Leadership Group
  • The Iwi Leadership collectively manage $6b of post settlement assets on behalf of the 68 Iwi they represent (not all Iwi have settled).
  • The Iwi Leadership has passed resolutions in 2015 to progress Marae Kaupapa in Melbourne in liaison with MaraeMelbourne

 Stage 1

MaraeMelbourne to deliver a Business Case that documents:

  • Design: Planning and permit requirements
  • Cost analysis: outlining estimates to deliver the proposition
  • Sustainability options: funding options and return on investment for funding source
  • Overview: of social and economic status of NZ community in Victoria without the presence of Marae

Design: Planning and permit requirements

Terms of Reference

  • Green Field Proposition
  • The proposition is based on a five acre block
  • Identify possible regions in the south east and south west that may be considered appropriate for Marae build
  • Identify the planning processes involved in securing a planning permit for such uses
  • Prepare a plan showing the layout of a Marae over a 5 acre site
  • Present cost analysis re development and sustainability

Community Consultation Workshop/Wananga

  • To support and inform the design re the potential use of the Marae development from stakeholders?
  • To identify gaps in community hub models for the purposes described above?
  • To collate stakeholder views on the Iwi Leadership Group as the funding source for the development and recurrent costs of the Marae?
  • To provide an overview of potential state government funding for the development

Register here for the Community Consultation Workshop

Stage 2

Iwi Leadership Working Group

MaraeMelbourne to deliver:

  • The Launch of the Business Case on Saturday 1st July with key stakeholders
  • Coordinate the signing of a Statement of Commitment by Iwi Leaders representatives and the Wurundjeri Tribe Land and Compensation Cultural Heritage Council
  • Mobilise the Iwi Leadership Working Group appointed to work with MaraeMelbourne following the presentation of the Business Case.

Project Status

Click here for information about the Project Status and Basic Assumptions.


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